Nordstrom Rack stores are filled with great deals and exciting finds, but only around 20% of the stores merchandise actually comes from Nordstrom. The rest are made for or purchased directly for the Rack. Below are some secrets and tips to help you get the best value for your purchases.

Sign up for the Nordy Club for Rewards

It’s free to sign up and as a Nordy Club member, you’ll earn a point every time you shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or HauteLook. These points will add up to Nordstrom Notes that you can spend on anything in the stores and online. Don’t miss out on free rewards.

Stock up During the Clear the Rack Events

The end of season “Clear the Rack” sales are arguably the best times to shop at Nordstrom Rack. During these sales, you’ll get 25% off already reduced red-tag clearance items. This can lead to huge savings of up to 75% off regular sales! Be sure to subscribe to their email list to get notifications on when the event is happening.

Find Most High-End Designer Items on “Designer Row” Racks

If you’re looking for the best value on high-end designer labels, many are located to any racks that have a black “Designer Row” sign. Many of these items will be true designer and save you time from having to look through many racks.

Ignore the “Compare At” Prices

Don’t make the mistake of assuming “compare at” prices on the tags are comparing the actual regular and sale price. The comparable values are simply (and sometimes misleadingly) comparing the item with the average price of any like item. This price is essential capturing the usual going rate for an item of this type, not the exact item.

Read the Red Sticker Price, not the Written Sale Price

It’s not uncommon for Nordstrom Rack tags to have multiple price stickers and handwritten prices. A good rule of thumb is the red sticker price trumps all, even if the handwritten price is lower. This sometimes happened when the item was marked down at a regular Nordstrom store before being repriced at Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, the Rack will not honor the written price even if it’s lower than the red sticker.

Shop for Items that Came from the Main Nordstrom Store

Not everything inside a Nordstrom Rack store originates from a full-line Nordstrom. Tags that read “Nordstrom Rack” were made to sell specifically at Nordstrom Racks. On the other hand, if the original white paper price tag says “Nordstrom,” especially if they’re covered with red clearance stickers, those items are originally from the Nordstrom store.

Take Advantage of Price Matching

Nordstrom Rack matches competitor prices, so be sure to see if you can find a lower price at a competitor for an identical item before making your purchase. ShopSavvy is a useful app to help you scan your item for better prices. 

Find Items for Even Less if they have been Altered or Refinished

A Nordstrom Rack tag that reads “Altered or Refinished” or has a blue sticker means that it’s been further discounted due to its condition. Many shoes and pants fall into this category are almost always in great shape.

Don’t Forget to Look Online too!

Nordstrom Rack’s website has a fantastic online selection. If you want to have first shot at the best deals, shop at 8 a.m. PT when they restock their items. You can also combine orders from HauteLook and to reach the minimum spend for free shipping.

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