One of the best ways to bust a budget is at the grocery store. We know we need to eat, so it’s easy to justify spending more! Marketing researchers have focused on how to entice the customer to purchase more of an item, unnecessary items, and luxury items by knowing our habits. If you follow any of these grocery myths, read on to see how they’ve been busted.

Groceries and Piggy Bank

Family Size Is Cheaper

It’s a common misconception that buying in bulk or “family size” will save you money. It CAN be true, but often it isn’t. Marketing groups slap labels like “value size” or “40% more” on a box to entice you to make a quick decision. If you took a second to fact check, you’ll notice you end up buying more product but at a higher price. Always check the item’s price per ounce!! If it’s the smaller option, buy more of them.

Bigger is Better

Buying in bulk is often the same price as buying a smaller sized item. Which is great if you can store it! But not everything stores well, and then it’s just a waste. Buy what you need. Waste is a big factor when considering purchases in large quantities. If you don’t use it before it spoils, then you didn’t save anything at all! Bigger doesn’t always mean cheaper.

Coupons Are Only Cents of Difference

If you have a coupon for ten cents off an item, it hardly seems worth using. But if you know how to use coupons properly, they add up in savings. For those small amounts, always apply them toward the smallest sized product allowed per the coupon. For example, if you get a diaper brand’s coupon for an amount off the purchase, purchase the smallest package rather than the jumbo box. You get a better percentage of a discount in your savings. Always buy the smallest allowable item for a coupon.

Sales Are the Best Price

Stores will run a sale on an item that is already cheaper at another store. Know what you purchase often, and know their price point. Stock up when it actually goes on sale, not when it’s an inflated priced to sell. After the season is usually when items will go on sale and you should stock up.

Grocery Shopping

Shop Only My List

This can be good advice, if you already know in advance what is on sale and you’ve meal planned around that. Shopping the fruits and vegetables that are in season is the best way to save money. Shopping the clearance or discounted aisles or endcaps are also a great way to save money. If you only stick with your list, you can miss out on some serious savings. Know when meat goes on sale and always shop around that time!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, remember to look high and look low- the better priced items are hidden from plain sight. Shop smart and don’t bust your budget!

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