Free coupons are the biggest concern of a bargain shopper, so discovering ways to receive more will come in handy. In this guide, we won’t only show you how but also where to look for these coupons in the future. With these tips, your next grocery store run is practically covered!

The first thing to consider when looking for extra coupons is one basic question. What items do you need? Writing down a grocery list first will allow you to steer clear of coupons that have no use to you. Planning ahead with a list will keep you on the right track and provide you a clear idea of what sites to visit.

If you are looking for snacks, this is not as big of a concern as other items to keep in your pantry or fridge. Junk food has no shortage of coupon lists and sites. In fact, next time you look through your email scope out a few that mention coupons. These companies are willing to give you free coupons to try out their products with a simple click or email.

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Breakfast staples such as cereal and frozen waffles are easy to get coupons for as well. All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors! Kellogg’s provides a sheet of printable coupons that are updated and available year round. Most products from Kellogg’s will rotate on the sheet, which makes it a good site to bookmark. is really your online one stop shop! This site provides a variety of coupons from food to household items. This site has a couple of interesting features. One advantage that the site offers is that it shows deals from popular stores. So, you can click on the store you would like to shop at and view their unique coupons. Also, they have a page that shows the most used coupons of the day. This is usually where you can find the best deals that other bargain shoppers drummed up! is another good go to site when looking for deals on multiple stores. This site is also an app better known as Checkout51. The big pros to this app is that it is offered on the Apple and Google Play stores and you can receive rewards with regular use. Cash back on gas and your groceries is probably the top selling point with good reason. Not to mention, you also get an instant report on how much you are saving on each product. Imagine the savings when using this app with your printable coupons! You will be the envy of your local grocery store. has a really comprehensive list of essentials to stock up on right on their homepage. They also have a page for new coupons that just hit their site. One reason to become a member is that you receive a free gift! A free book on saving is offered after confirming your email.

You are sure to have a plethora of coupons when you subscribe to each site. No more waiting for the same coupons to arrive in the mail week after week. Happy saving!

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