Don’t let skyrocketing prices stop you from having a fun fall season. Here are 5 easy money saving tips to help you keep your budget intact.

Thrift Fall Clothes

It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on brand new clothes every season. Especially for your children. Thrift stores are full of potential! Kids grow so fast. The selection of clothing for your children will often look almost new even when you buy it secondhand. If you’re shopping for yourself, there are also plenty of excellent options! You might just have to dig for them.

Shop End of Season Clearance

Keep your eye out for end of season clearance items. An article written by Rebecca Lake for elaborates by saying, “Early fall is a good time to grab summer items at a steep discount. You can also score deals on school supplies, since those end up getting marked down by late September. November is when you can look for fall savings on decor and Halloween items.” Remember, the more you save this fall, the more money you’ll have for your Holiday budget. Be savvy!

Shop Yard Sales/ Estate Sales

Many people are going through their possessions in preparation for new items they plan to purchase for the Holidays. Yard sales are abundant and full of amazing treasures. These are great places to find items you need at incredible prices. Similarly, estate sales can offer the same thing. Especially when you need larger items like furniture, yard and estate sales are great places to look. Also, the thrill of the hunt is pretty fun!

Start Budgeting for Holidays Now

Take some of the unnecessary stress off your December finances. Start budgeting and saving for the Holidays now. You can even start making purchases as you find awesome things on clearance. The less time you give yourself to prepare, the more likely it is that you’ll spend more money. Time equals savings when it comes to the Holidays.

Implement No Spend Weekends

If you find yourself worried about your budget, try implementing ‘no spend weekends’. You can do this occasionally or frequently depending on your financial situation. There are many fall activities that cost money. Sometimes we feel pressured or obligated to participate in these things. However, there are equally as many fun, fall activities you can do for free. You might have to put in a little extra effort thinking of free things, but things like hikes, fall baking, attending a local high school football game and many other activities can be just as fun!

Now is the perfect time to start watching your budget closely. Doing so now will help prepare you for the Holiday season ahead. Make sure you’re watching for sales and shopping secondhand. You might be surprised at how much money you can save!

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