When it comes to online shopping the saving trends have definitely changed. The savings you get from online shopping nowadays are out of this world. Saving trends started with clipping coupons and tracking in store deals through your local newspaper to online coupon codes. Throughout the years many things have changed, but one thing has remained the same. People LOVE shopping when there’s a discounted price involved. Let’s talk about the essentials! The main things that are bought nowadays are clothing items, technology, and meal prep kits. Take a look at how to save within each of these categories!

Save Your Style by Saving

In regards to clothing, many retailers are connected to money saving applications. The application Honey is one of the big saving giants in the online industry at the moment. Honey was created to access coupon codes across a variety of sites to find you the best money saving opportunity all from your shopping cart! Personally, this extension is saved on my computer because it gives you the freedom to shop knowing that you will most likely have a good deal on your hands.
Another way to save that is nowhere near new is thrift shopping. No more walking into thrift stores (unless you want to)! Thrifting has now been made a whole lot easier because you are given the option to do it all online. Online stores such as ThredUp, Thrifted Threads, and Thrifted.com to name a few are the pioneers of making thrifting more accessible to people who otherwise would not be conscious. These sites offer many deals on big brands because they are thrifted and also take the look of the garments in consideration for their shoppers. Fashion is so easy to save for now so, if you are not using the previously mentioned extension or sites…RUN don’t walk!

Savvy Tech Savings

We all know that buying technology can basically drain your pockets. These purchases will leave you feeling like you should hide your wallet from yourself. A tip to save on technology that many people don’t follow today is to buy refurbished products. You can get the latest technological upgrades by waiting a few months after the initial drop and purchase at an extremely discounted rate because the item was used.
Another great tip would be to refuse the extended warranty. Now, hear me out! This may sound drastic, but retailers use this tactic to take your hard earned cash. The extended warranty more often than not will not cover the cost of repairs so, why buy it?

Fresh Food & Fresh Savings

Cooking and preparing a menu can be a hassle sometimes. Many people lessen the stress by subscribing to a meal prep service that delivers food to your door. This may sound weird, but the way to save on these kits is to watch YouTube. Many companies use influencers to bring more attention to their site. Meal kit preparation sites are not new to this tactic. Many lifestyle influencers and YouTube couples have discount codes for the services that offer up an affordable start to a subscription. Basically, saving isn’t all bad when you can still buy what you want!

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