Does money feel tight? Does saving feel impossible? If you’re struggling to find ways to save your coins, here are a few unconventional methods you can easily adopt.

Reusable when Possible

Items like reusable food storage bags and containers, as well as reusable water bottles are a great way to save yourself some money. The fact is- items like Ziploc bags and plastic water bottles add up quickly and you don’t even really need them. Find a brand you like and purchase more sustainable options. Once you’ve managed that, take it a step further and look into things like reusable paper towels.

Start a Garden

Starting your own vegetable garden is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for your health. Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still grow vegetables on a balcony or your front porch in smaller pots. When you grow your own food, you can do so without harsh chemicals. It’s a fun hobby to develop and exciting to see what you can nurture and grow!

Eat Less Meat

Meat prices have steadily increased over the last few years. It is becoming quite a large expense. If you need to cut down on your grocery bill, eating less meat is an easy way to do that. You might be surprised how good you feel when vegetables become the star of the show instead of a side dish. Be creative, try new recipes and enjoy the challenge of cooking new dishes for you and your family.

Drink Less Alcohol

This particular suggestion might not be popular with some, but it is a great way to save money nonetheless. Alcohol is so expensive! An article written by Tom Stevenson for further explains by saying, “In particular, alcohol is one of the easiest ways to blow a lot of money in one go. The drunker you get, the looser your inhibitions become, and soon you have no problem spending loads of money on drinks.” These spending spree regrets can easily be avoided by cutting back on your alcohol consumption altogether. Your bank account and your liver will thank you.
drink less

Make Food at Home

Fast food is expensive- especially when you’re indulging in it multiple times a week. It also gets less affordable the more people you have to feed. Instead of hitting the drive through, head to the grocery store. Plan out a few meals to get you through the week and pick up what you need from the store. The same goes for coffee. Instead of spending $5+ a day at a coffee shop, consider being frugal by making it at home. It might require more of your time, but you’ll save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Saving money often requires you to be a bit creative. Think outside the box and you’ll be surprised with how many unconventional ways you can come up with to help you save some extra money.

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