Couponing is not just the great feeling of walking out of the grocery store with a small bill and a full cart. There are some things that can make it not so fun. Others can create some of this, and some can be our own doing. Once we know all the potential risks, it will allow us not to get caught off guard. The stress may still exist but will be less likely to make you go crazy. Check out the biggest complaints of those that coupon regularly.



No one loves to wait in line. When you are using coupons, you are going to take a lot longer to check out. This means that all those in your line could be resentful of having to wait longer to get your bill down. The cashiers will also no be your biggest fan. They do not like going slow and having to deal with grumpy customers. Once you start feeling the anger around you, it will make your whole shopping trip uncomfortable. Try and go to the store at times when it is less crowded. It will help lessen the number of annoyed individuals you will have to deal with. While it is not full proof, it is worth the effort.



There are many that like to cheat the system. This is also known as fraud. Stores are often very generous. That is why they allow customers to stack coupons or honor others stores’ coupons. They want to have your business, so they take a minor hit to keep you coming back. However, there are times when stores have been hit too much with fraud and may not allow all the coupons they have in the past. They can change their policies whenever they choose. Be prepared to be flexible when these instances occur.



Addiction can even happen with things are good for you. Saving money is a great thing to focus on, but not at the expense of other activities. Do all you think about it couponing and your next shopping trip? That is not the best way to live your life. There needs to be balanced in everything that we do. Save money when you can, but don’t let it take over to the point that you are stressing when you don’t save.

bulk storage


Where do you plan to keep all your loot? This is something you need to figure out before you start buying in bulk. You will end up stressing out all those that live with you if your items begin to take over their space. Saving money is excellent, but it does not need to be done in bulk. Only buy what you have room for in your specific storage areas. Once it starts to overflow, you are creating stress that does not need to happen. Savings is saving whether you get one or one hundred.


Be prepared for the stressful side of couponing.

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