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Sure, clipping coupons and searching for savings the old-fashioned way is fun, but sometimes we don’t have the time to search, stack, and save and we need to shop smart at a moment’s notice.  There are simple, easy ways to save money without even breaking a sweat at the grocery store.  Keep these in mind next time you are perusing the aisles and wondering what to put in the cart next.

Shop the Tops and Bottoms of Shelves

Companies pay big money for the specific part of the store shelves their product sits on.  The most valuable spot in the supermarket shelves is right in the middle – where they are the most noticeable and at eye height.  By shopping the upper and lower parts of the shelves, you will find brands that aren’t as expensive as the middle shelf competitors.  You’ll be getting a great deal and saving time and money.

Don’t Buy Pre-Prepped Foods

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Next time you are in the olive and pickle section of the market, take a look at the pricing difference between whole olives and sliced olives.  You might be amazed to see that a can of sliced olives is way more than the can of whole olives.  It takes no time at all to slice up a few olives for a salad, but you are paying a premium to have it done for you in the can.  The same goes for fruit, veggies and everything in between – if its sliced or prepped for you, you are paying more.  Always look for other options to these overpriced premiums.

Avoid the Danger Zones

When you are going up and down the aisles of the grocery store, you want to be very careful to not fall into the traps and pitfalls that are laid out for you.  Endcaps and products placed by the register are meant to catch your eye and make you spend more money.  They purposefully put items near the register where you are waiting to check out, so you get a little bored and start adding more to your cart.  Those little things add up and pretty soon you are running up your tab.  Stay smart and stay on track.

Bring Your Own Bags


If you shop at a store that charges for bags, always bring your own.  It seems such a small amount paying for bags here and there, but it really can add up over a month or a year.  Just keep a few in your trunk and you’ll always be ready to go.  Never let an extra penny or nickel go to something you don’t need to be paying for.

Saving money at the grocery store can be just as easy as showing up and shopping smart.  Bonus savings if you can incorporate your coupons, but when you don’t have time to plan or find the best deal, you’ll still save money and surprise yourself.

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