The great world of couponing has lots of possibilities to have fun and save money at the same time.  In order for it to be successful and entertaining instead of stressful and difficult, you need to have a system in place.  It doesn’t matter how you organize it but having a plan and way to attack the good deals is essential to being able to continue your saving tactics for the long run.  Here are just a few ways to get organized and get ready for money saving.

Decide How

First figure out how you want to store your coupons when you are not using them.  A lot of people use an accordion file folder that they can organize with tabs to keep everything neat.  Do not just throw your coupons in a kitchen drawer somewhere where it’s impossible to find what you are looking for.  No one wants to wait around while you are trying to go out the door to lunch while your couponer searches for that one deal in a pile of trash.  Hoarding is not the name of the game, so find a way to organize your deals and steals.

Organize Even Further

Now that you know where you are storing them, it’s time to get even more orderly.  Separate your coupons into subsections so you always know where to look.  You can organize by store, by occasion, or whatever other method makes you happy, the choice is yours.  Pick something that works for your brain and stick with it.  If you always shop at the same grocery store, make one section for that.  The best thing you can do for yourself is keep your system simple so it’s always a breeze couponing.

Monthly Maintenance

You have your system in place, now it’s time to maintain it and keep it clean.  Do a monthly clean-out of expired coupons so they stop taking up space in your treasure trove of coupons.  You could even have a separate section in your system for coupons that are about to expire so you have plenty of time to use them before you lose them.  Staying organized is a coupon queen’s best friend so you never miss out on a deal.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Don’t forget to think of your friends and family when you are couponing.  If you come across something that would be perfect for a person in your life, save it in a separate section or area so you don’t forget to gift them savings.  Don’t let it get lost in the shuffle of your couponing game.  The key again is keeping everything organized so it’s easy to use.

Couponing can be so rewarding and the best way to get the most enjoyment out of it is to stay organized.  Whatever system you end up using, make it work for you and it will yield you the best results.

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