You love couponing for all your shopping needs, and the one place you shop more than anywhere else is the grocery store.  Learn how to become the queen of the grocery store whether you have the best coupons or not.  Sometimes it’s all about knowing how and when to shop and this guide will help build a good foundation so when you add your coupons on top of it, it will be the ultimate shopping thrill.

Buy it in Bulk

A great piece of advice is to not buy when you need something but buy when you can get the best price.  If you are always on the lookout for the best price and strike when the iron is hot, you’ll always be a winner.  You might need to think about your storage situation at home and make sure you have room to do this, but buying in bulk when the price is low will help you save tons of money in the long run.  Buyer beware though, only buy in bulk on items you know you’ll need and use.  Don’t buy things just because it’s a good deal, think about if your family actually uses them.

Shop Alone

When you go shopping with family members or other people, you tend to buy more and take home random items that run up a grocery store tab.  If you go at it alone, you will have a clear plan and idea of what you really need instead of what sounds good in a moment’s notice.  This will also keep you focused and get less distracted by other things.  Also beware of end caps and store displays, they usually are trying to look like a good price, but they really aren’t.  Chances are if you really want that item, go find it in the aisles and see if another brand is on sale.  It’s a win-win.

Brand Unloyalty

If you shop around the different brands of a single item, you’ll always get the best price.  Don’t stick with one brand.  There’s usually only one brand that is on sale and it rotates, so look for the sales and you will always get the best deal.

Know Your Store

If the grocery store has a loyalty card, get it.  You’ll be rewarded for shopping there and have access to the best deals and great coupons.  Earn points and get money off your next grocery bill.  Every store utilizes their loyalty card a little different, so do your research and take advantage of everything.  Be familiar with your store’s policies and procedures – is it a place where you need to bring your own bags or do they only take cash?  These are important elements that will make your shopping experience a breeze instead of a headache.  Know your store inside and out and you’ll always come out on top.

Being the coupon queen of the grocery store is a great feeling.  Take this knowledge along with your fantastic coupon finds and you’ll always be the saving royalty everyone aspires to be.

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