Groceries are one of those things that always seems to take a significant amount of your paycheck. Keep your costs low and your savings high with these simple tips.

Prep Food

You are so much more likely to eat the food you have at home if it’s already prepared for you. Set aside time before your work week begins and prep food for the next couple days. Nobody wants to come home from work after a long day and roam around the kitchen aimlessly trying to decide what to cook for dinner. Avoid that whole song and dance by having meals that are ready to go. This will save you money because you’ll be cutting back on take-out. It will also save you some time and possibly some aggravation as well. Meal prepping is worth the effort! 

Buy in Bulk

It’s no secret that there are discounts available on products when you buy them in bulk. It’s not a bad idea to stock up on essentials. Even if your family is small and you’re worried about possible waste, you should still shop at bulk grocery stores. Instead of purchasing perishable foods, purchase other supplies like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and canned food items that have a long shelf life. This will ensure you’re saving money on products you still need without feeling like you’re wasting money on food your family won’t finish before it goes bad. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Cut Back on Prepared Meals

Do you frequently find yourself in the frozen food section of your grocery store loading up on prepared meals? Be honest, how many lasagnas do you have sitting in your freezer? These meals, while delicious, cost quite a bit of money. It’s not that these are bad items to buy, but your money can be better spent elsewhere. Instead of buying a frozen lasagna or anything else from the Bertolli or Marie Calendar brands, try going the homemade route instead. Especially with pasta recipes, you’ll undoubtedly save money. Price out the differences in cost and see for yourself!

Switch Stores

If you’re willing to grocery shop at different stores, the savings are there. However, this does require a bit of research and travel. Scan the ads for all of the stores in your area. Bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, supercenters like Walmart or Target, grocery chains like Smiths, Albertons, Safeway, etc. and dollar stores like Doller General and Dollar Tree are all places you should be looking. Make a grocery list and scan each circular for prices of the items you need. This might seem tedious but when money is tight, this kind of effort can help save you a significant amount of money.

Saving money on your grocery bill is almost like getting a raise. If you can keep your costs down, you’ll be able to use your money for other much needed items.  

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