No matter where you are in life, strive to find job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is more than just being happy with the amount you see on your paycheck. Being comfortable with what you spend your day accomplishing and what you do leads to higher job satisfaction and overall happiness. If you are not finding any of these to be right for your current situation, you may want to start looking into a career change. Happiness needs to be found in what you spend at least forty hours of your week doing.


Appreciation should be felt in a few different ways. Do you appreciate what you do? Liking what you do and feeling glad to be doing it is one thing to look for. If thinking about your job gives you a gloomy feeling, it is likely you do not appreciate your career. Another way to look at appreciation is if you feel it from others. Do you think that others appreciate what you do? Answering yes to this should make you feel good about your choice of position. Job satisfaction should be high if you and others appreciate your role.


Unless you run your own business and do not have any employees, there are relationships in your work life. Choosing coworkers is not something we get to do. Before applying and getting hired, you won’t know if you will be working with those similar to or different. Having good working relationships or even friendships make all the difference in how you feel about work. There are also complicated relationships with your superiors to take into account. If interactions with those you work with or for causes anxiety, you may have some work to do to increase your job satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance

Does your job end when you head home, or does it follow you? Creating the right work and life balance plays into how happy you are with your career. Your profession is not all that you are, so it shouldn’t be all that you do. There needs to be a time when you are not thinking about your tasks from work. Without the boundaries, you will never feel content. Job satisfaction is tied to life satisfaction. There needs to be time for hobbies, family, and friends. If not, you are bound to blame your career for the lack in the other areas of your life.


Security is a feeling that is needed to feel safe in an environment. Two forms of protection will affect your job satisfaction. The first is your own job security. Feeling secure that you will not be fired will relieve anxiety and leave you feeling good about going to work. Another aspect that needs to be stable is the company’s financial security. Fear that the company will go under will leave you feeling uneasy about your future.

Evaluate your current career and position. Do you have enough job satisfaction to stay?

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