Couponing can be a thrilling and fun hobby to have – and what’s not to love, you are saving money in the process.  It’s also important to know that not everyone will share your enthusiasm and knowing how to not drive people crazy with your hobby is equally vital.  Striking a balance with those that might not understand your desire to clip and save will keep the peace both in your house and in your shopping experience.  Keep these in mind when you are extreme couponing in your life. 

Don’t Argue with the Cashier

When you bring your coveted savings to the cashier and it’s time to check out and use your magical coupons, be polite and kind to the cashier.  They are the gatekeepers and magical wizards that make the coupons apply.  If you start off being rude to them, they aren’t going to want to work with you.  If you come across something that isn’t ringing up like you expected, save your questions for the end – constantly interrupting the cashier while they are trying to do their job will only agitate them.  You want them on your side – if something comes up where a certain coupon isn’t working, they might be able to work a little extra magic in your favor, but it won’t happen if you’ve rubbed them the wrong way from the beginning.  They also know the ins and outs of the coupon – they work for the store after all – and it’s never their fault for how a company decided to phase or release a coupon or deal.  Always keep your manners about you.

Saving for the Future

If you are someone who likes to shop deals now to save them for later, like pantry grocery items or holiday decorations for next year, you need to have organization be a big part of your plans.  Have an organized space and place for everything so it looks neat and tidy and not like a hoarder’s palace.  Know what you have on hand so you aren’t constantly buying the same can of beans over and over again.  Strike a good balance between saving now for the future and just buying things just because they are on sale. 


Respect Others Who Aren’t Interested

You may want to share all your fabulous finds with anyone who will listen, but understand that people don’t always want to be pushed with information, especially if it’s something they aren’t interested in.  It’s best to find a group or a selection of friends who share the same hobby as you – that way you have a place to share your deals, without annoying others.  Especially when it comes to shopping, people have their stores and ways they like to operate, and pushy unsolicited advice won’t come across like you are hoping it will.

Knowing how to strike a balance between your hobby of couponing and driving people crazy is something important that will keep the peace in all aspects of your life.  It’s best to know your audience and find those like-minded individuals who appreciate the thrill of the chase. 

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