Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. You can buy almost anything from one of their numerous vendors. The low prices and convenience of Prime shipping make this a go-to place for many to shop. Additionally, did you know know there is an entire coupon section on their website? It’s an easy way to help you increase your savings.

Manufacturer’s Coupons

You might be wondering if you can use manufacturer’s coupons for purchases you make on Amazon. The short answer is no. There are some online retailers who do allow the use of outside coupons; however, Amazon is not one of them. The only coupons they will accept are the ones they have available on their website. To find them, type ‘Amazon coupons’ into Google or visit This will direct you to the appropriate page. With so many options, it’s easy to find savings on the products you need.

Amazon Coupons

Providing coupons for customers benefits Amazon in a big way. An article written by James Hendrickson for elaborates by saying, “Because Amazon has been marketing itself as the “smartest choice” for shopping, entertainment, and many other needs, they knew that at some point they would need to adhere to the desires of more traditional shoppers. This meant introducing coupons. Amazon Coupons are way better than more traditional cut-out-of-the-newspaper coupons though. The best part of Amazon Coupons is that you get new savings every day and the coupons are catered to your shopping patterns. For instance, if you shop on Amazon for cleaning supplies you will get coupons for cleaning supplies.” This intuitive method of couponing can help shoppers maximize their budget.

Shopping Smart

Another way Amazon helps shopper’s save money is by allowing consumers to stack savings. Hendrickson also states, “When you think about stacking coupons you think store discounts and manufacturer’s coupons, right? Well, you can stack discounts on Amazon as well, and it can save you astronomical amounts of money. Start planning your savings by mapping out what items are on sale. For example, if Amazon is running a sale “20% off all baby items,” you can target those items to use to stack your discounts. Then look through the Amazon Coupons provided on the site. Find the item you’re looking for in Amazon Coupons. Once you’ve found it, click “clip coupon.” This will bring you to the product page where you can add the item to your cart. Once you’ve done that, head to checkout.”

Similar to making the most out of coupons and savings in store, planning your purchases for online shopping can also save you money. When you spend time planning and waiting for sales, you will be able to get much more for your money.

If you weren’t aware that you could use coupons on Amazon, now is your chance to take full advantage of this new knowledge! Find savings on products you’re already planning on buying so you can save as much money as possible.

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