Sometimes we don’t have time or we’re not able to go grocery shopping. Fortunately, online grocery shopping is an option! The other good news is that you can still save money while you’re shopping online. Here are some tips to help you have a successful grocery trip from your computer.

Online Grocery Shopping

Prepare your list.

You’re a budget conscious shopper and this shouldn’t change when you’re ordering your groceries. Before you even open up your computer or an app, make sure you have a plan for what you need to purchase. By having a list on hand, you’ll be able to make sure you stay away from impulse purchases. It can be just as enticing to add an unnecessary item to your list when you’re browsing virtually! The second helpful part of preparing a list is that it will help make sure you don’t forget anything. Many stores have minimum purchase amounts for free delivery, so you don’t want to forget to add the sugar to your cart!

Coupon as usual.

Do you typically cut out your coupons from circulars or do you prefer to clip them on an app or online? Either way, ordering your groceries should not deter you from using your coupons. Be sure to check if the grocery store has special mobile or online coupons too! The nice parts about online shopping are that it can allow you to coupon at the click of a button and also easily calculate minimum purchases for extra savings. First-timers also often get discounts on delivery, so don’t be afraid to venture out to other places.

Double-check your cart.

Before you click purchase, make sure you have all of the items on the list. It can be easy to forget an item once you’ve browsed for all of your groceries. The good news is that it’s much easier to remove an item from a virtual cart as opposed to going across the store put back an item.

Be flexible.

While you may have made some adjustments to the items you preferred while you were adding them to your cart, be prepared for potential substitutions when someone is putting together your groceries. Many stores offer the option of either selecting your preferred substitution or not allowing a substitution for an item that you want a specific brand or kind. While it may seem unnecessary to go through the extra hassle, this can be important when it comes to your cost savings. Grocery shoppers do their best to find a comparable substitution, but it can easily be more expensive if you were planning to use a coupon on the unavailable item.

Grocery Delivery

Be available to communicate with your shopper.

The beauty of ordering your groceries online is that it can save you time. It’s also a great perk that you can select your delivery window. However, there is an important last step after ordering your groceries. It can be extremely helpful to be available when the shopper is selecting your items. This allows you to have immediate say on substitutions and enables you to help the shopper make the best choice for you if something isn’t available. Yes, it does take a little extra time but it can make a difference in your total grocery bill!

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