The advancement of technology has provided us with a bunch of new ways to save money. Rebate apps have quickly become a favorite for many penny pinchers. The simplicity and convenience of these rebate programs have stolen the hearts of consumers. Let’s break down the perks of each app.

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Formerly known as ebates, Rakuten is a service that offers you cash back for shopping at any of their 2500 affiliated stores. They have partnered up with numerous companies who pay Rakuten a commission for sending customers their way. This results in discounts and cash back for consumers. Additionally, they have a sign up bonus that includes your choice of a $10 Walmart gift card or a $10 Rakuten cash bonus.


Ibotta is an app currently home to widest selection of rebates. It also has some amazing perks. states the following, “Most offers reset up to three times each (about every two days). This means you can use the Tillamook cheese offer once, then wait a couple days, use it again, and then again (on different purchases of the same product). You can even redeem some offers up to three times per receipt.” This essentially triples the amount of savings you can receive without having to cut coupons or revisit the store. When you’re ready to redeem your money, you can cash out via Paypal. It’s an incredibly easy process.


According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, “There are eight ways to earn with Shopkick. The first six include: Walk into certain stores, scan barcodes of certain products (even if you’re not buying them), visit certain online stores, buy certain online products, view certain online products and watch certain videos. The last two act like rebate app offers. Link your store loyalty cards to the Shopkick app, then upload a picture of your receipt after making an eligible purchase.” This app is a great option for people who have time to frequent stores even if they’re not necessarily buying anything. It makes this particular app very appealing to consumers.

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The KCL also states, “The best thing about Checkout51 is you can redeem some offers up to five times! Meaning Checkout 51 allows you to buy more than one of each item in a single transaction and redeem a rebate for each. Plus, Checkout51 rebates get better the more you use them. As time progresses, you’ll have access to “Choose Your Own Offer” rebates where you can apply savings to whatever you want.” The only downside noted with this app is that you cannot cash out via the internet. If you want your money, you have to wait for a paper check to come through snail mail.

Rebate apps have changed the way millions of people save money. Research each of these rebate apps to find one that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Maximize your savings by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities rebate apps have to offer.

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